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Under One Roof

Im the youngest at home, so I think I'll start from the eldest.

My eldest sister Yee Ling;

I always feel that Ling is the luckiest kid in our whole family. She's always happy go lucky, nothing to worry about. She's good in her studies, not those type that likes to throw her opinions around. Can be clumsy at times and she loves to laugh. And to be honest, I think she look the best among us. She got very good complexion therefore she dont make up AT ALL. She don't even know how to use cosmetic lor.

I enjoy hanging out with her, be it a movie date, shopping or a night out partying! She's like my best friend and she never fails to encourage me at my lowest point.

Next, my elder sister Yee Rui
Easily angered. Very difficult to understand her mood or to please her. Some one with mix emotions. Haha. I will say, I will not like to mess with people like her.

One thing I like about her is, she's REAL. She don't hide herself, if she's upset with you, she fcuk you on the face. If she is not interested in something, she wont bother to pretend and act as if she's interested. That's what I like about her, not pretending. She can be fun, but troublesome due to her mix emotions.

And last but not least, Queen in Mahjong.
Mommy take care of the whole family and no matter how tired she is, she make sure everything in the house is clean and neat. She will try her best to give me EVERYTHING I wants. Well if she don't, its still easy to persuade her as long you got the patience.
And yeah we made a special family in the whole universe!