Read these pages to know abit more detailed about my life



In life, our circle of friends widens. We always move on with new friends, new life. But there will be one or two BFF in your life that will be there for you 24/7. To bitch about the hottest topic in town, gossiping the boy next door and emoing at the dirtiest corner with you. I must say, I'm lucky enough to have more than 2!

Starting from the eldest- Sandy KMZ
 A very independent girl with very naive mindset. She never needs a partner, its hard to see her with a in a relationship status. It doesn't makes much difference to her. She trust easily, you can buy her with simple words. We often call her a "bimbo" because she speaks like "You know I hate the color RED" and then "I'm dying my hair RED later!".
She does not know how to express her feelings thus she will not express out her emotions. Shes not good in decisions so you have to give her plenty of choices. Not a joker, but her bimbotic way of speaking brings you much laughter. I love her even though sometimes I hates her for being indecisive. She's my very good listener, a loyal friend and I loves her like my real blood sister.

 C for Celia
Like the first letter of her name, shes cool. Her fashion style is very unique. Just like her mole, she don't appear friendly. But the truth is, she is one outgoing babe, always "ON" for any plans and activities. She gives me the most attention and she take care of me like as if she is babysitting her younger sister. 
Celia is impatient, so never let her waits. You will never have misunderstanding with her because she is a very straight forward person. Once she have any issues, she will tell you straight to face and solve it right on the spot.
    Sherane Elsa Ho (Yan Yan)
A very hyper kid. She is energetic at all times and always feeling "high", will definitely boost up the boring atmosphere. She is very spontaneous, dare to try if being challenge. We share the similar thoughts towards most of the topic, so she understand me very well.
She is never shy and she doesn't care much about her image when she's having fun. Oh yes, she enjoy bullying me the most. She will never be serious in your talk unless you tell her "Serious" and emphasize it a few more times before you begin your conversation. She's a great adviser and a great cook!
   Charissa Clara Yong
(Still don't believe she's a tranny? Notice abit pointy sticking out)

I always feel more happy than usual when I know Charissa will be around. She will never be angry with you no matter how you joke with her. She's not very friendly and she doesn't care what people thinks about her. There's no way you can advise her because she do things her way like how she wants it to be. She never seems to be bother with any problem, so don't bother to find her for emoing session, because she simply wont care either.
Charissa loves bullying me and she is very good in ignoring. She got high expectations in life and its very hard to understand her.

I really feel very blessed to have them in my life, they are awesome peeps and not one that you will want to messed with. But if you are stubborn enough to try, then you probably end up getting this!

I love you bitches!