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Monday, January 27, 2014

1month earlier than expected

Little Eva is anxious, she's impatient to be in our arms. I had a shock when I was bleeding. Was told by the nurse that it's normal however I head down for a checkup and I'm glad I did. I was having contraction but I don't feel it? I thought it was my baby moving in me. I was asked to admit to the hospital and was fed with tons of medicines and injections to stop my contraction as baby Eva will be 1week premature. And the next thing I know... They gonna induce me the following morning. Maybe that's why I suffer throughout the last few hours of my labor. I was expecting a quick 3hours, but it lasted 11hours. However, I believe whatever they are doing is for my own good and the best for my baby. The first few hours of labor was still pretty ok. I still manage to pull through the contraction, but I guess I hold on for too long and was pretty last minute to asked for an epidural. So I suffer for another few hours before my lower body stop feeling a single shit. It wasn't easy, this makes me treasure my mother more than ever. I keep having this feeling, that if I wasn't induce and if it was a normal delivery, my labor would be a quick n easy one. Everything was worth it, when you hold your baby in your arms.... I was still in shock after labor, I feel paralyzed due to the epidural. It took 6-8hours before I start feeling my legs again. I was stressing myself to pee even when I can't feel the urge to do so. Because they told me they will need to insert a tube to drain my urine if I didn't manage to pee by a certain timing. Sounds horrifying to me. And worse of all need to use a bed pent. :( This just makes peeing even tougher. I couldn't sleep the whole night, in fact I didn't manage to sleep for days in the hospital. All the bleeding, pain and discomfort after the anesthetic effect was gone. They wake me up every few hours for medication, temperature check etc. I'm glad I'm home, I manage to sleep for hours, a good sleep finally. Things don't end here, I got my one month confinement and it sucks. I'm a super hygienic person :( However, I'm glad that my tummy flattens in just a few days when others probably took a few weeks. I gained a total of 16kg throughout my pregnancy and gees I only lose 6kg after I deliver. Now I got 10more kg to go in 3weeks times. I wanna say a big thank you to mummy n godpa. My lovely girlfriends and hubby sister, my parents in law and last but not least my wonderful hubby. Thanks everyone for visiting, showing concern and giving me so much support. Sorry for making mummy so worry and heartache to see me suffering in pain. Will visit you with your granddaughter once I ends my confinement! And thank you my sweetest hubby, I know you didn't catch any sleep like me while I was in the hospital. Thanks for making the effort waiting for me, visiting me early in the morning and going thru everything with me. Thanks for all the love and care you have showered me, as always. Image and video hosting by TinyPic