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Friday, December 6, 2013

The journey

Yes this is it! Probably left about 2months and I guess Eva will be born during the jubilant festival of the year- Chinese New Year! And next year is 马年, I always wish my baby will be born in the year of dragon or horse. What a blessing!
Now I really understand 妈妈的伟大 after I experience the journey of pregnancy. It was never easy especially for such a vain-pot like me. The body changes and all the weird symptoms I had gone thru, it was really "amazing". In fact, I have never realize how petite I was till I get pregnant. I was still complaining that I'm fat when I'm only weighing at 38kg in the past.

1) Weight Gain And Heart Burn
I almost got depressed watching my weight increases day by day. I mean, even when I'm not eating a lot, my weight just increases. It was really hard for me to accept this and after several months I finally get used to it. But hey, I'm not the kind that will starve my baby ok. I'm never a breakfast person and my first meal of the day were probably late afternoon. But ever since I got pregnant, I force myself to have breakfast every single day without fail even when I got no appetite. Right now, I gained a total of 12kg and it's definitely still gaining throughout the next two months! Next, I know heart burn is common but I'm having it like 24/7. The first trimester was easy for me, other than gaining weight, I did not experience any other symptoms and in fact I still do my workout and dance as much as I can.

But for my 2nd and my last trimester now, I don't ever need a blanket in an air-conditioned room. It cause me to threw up more than ever and now I can't even drink much water even when I'm thirsty because I will probably start puking. I also grow heat rash on my back and forehead but I'm glad it was under control as I'm using products to cure my body rash and the blemishes that breakout on my face.

2) Baby Bump and Stretch Marks
I'm glad my baby-bump is consider small to others, I'm already having trouble sleeping and moving around so I really can't imagine if I have big baby-bump. I used to workout every single day before I'm pregnant and although I couldn't do any of the workout now, I would still walk a distance everyday. However, I realize my legs would start aching if I walk a little faster, and during one of the night last week, my right leg start to cramp in the middle of the night. It hurts a lot but thanks god my hubby were beside me and about 10seconds after he did some bending on my feet, I recovered from the pain on my lower calf and I did not manage to sleep after that, am to shock and terrified by the sudden attack and I hope this is the one and only time I will experience it throughout my pregnancy. I remember the first time I whine/cry and make a fuss during my pregnancy was during the first few months when I saw my weight increasing to the unfamiliar numbers I have never once seen. The second time I cried really badly was when I realize I grew stretch marks on my buttocks. Hell right, I know nobody can see my buttocks but then I just got really emotional over it. But on a positive side, I'm glad I did not have any stretch marks on the other area of my body and I hope it will never appear for the following months. My mom and mother in law also assure me that the marks on my buttocks will fade off after I deliver but I know not everyone is lucky like their case!

I'm already feeling nervous as I wouldn't know the pain of deliver till I experience it on my due date. Please let it be a smooth delivery so I can avoid using epidural! And I wanna thanks this man over here for sacrificing and putting in so much efforts so I wouldn't feel unbalance in my heart like I'm the only one having to suffer throughout my whole pregnancy.....

Thanks for working so hard and giving me all your time, placing me at your first priority, keeping me secure at all times. Thanks for being super caring towards me, giving me your full attention and making sure I can sleep in ease every night without feeling slightly discomfort. Thanks for your understanding, patience and this genuine love. You are a wonderful lover, husband and father to be! I love you.