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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The BIG Day

I guess I'm not the only one......most bride-to-be will not sleep much on the night before their big day right? Same goes to the sisters, brothers and family members. What a buzz!
 I have to admit, I really dislike it when you need to wake up early in the morning and put on make up on your face. I can remember how much I hated to sing for morning events whereby I need to drag my lazy ass off the bed and was hoping to wear my pajamas up on stage.
Power cheer to kick start the morning gate crash;
Seriously, you guys should count yourself lucky because early morning got chio bu for you all to see, all my sisters are beauties ok!
And I really think my sisters treat the brothers too kindly. They even had MAC MUFFINS for gate crash breakfast.

See, wasn't that bad right? They seems pretty much enjoying the food and drinks...

Not till they taste the LEGEND BAK KU TEH, mix with raisins and more secret recipe. This was the forfeit if they cheat during the games or didn't manage to pass the challenge. HO EH! *Thumbs up*  
I like this game! Where they have to burst the balloon using their body parts without using their hands and feet. And if I'm not wrong I think they did put my house key inside one of the balloons.

Ang Bao rejected....... LOL.
And speaking about the Love Contract, I must say baby is smart enough not to read out some words and my girlfriends actually stop him and force him to read out everything.

That's my mother in law in pink! She's a great cook and yes we are trying out the Tang Yuan made by her....

Us, Parents In Law and Grandparents In Law...
The awesome peeps that woke up early in the morning just for our big day even though they are a group of night owls.

During the night at M Hotel.
Our solemnization
Baby was so nervous that he actually took his ring to wear on my finger. It was super funny and kinda awkward at the same time. While knowing that we took the wrong ring during the ring exchange, we actually pretend to be fine but we realize we cant pull it thru because my ring size will not be able to fit into Bi finger. HAH!
To add on, we actually received a free instant photo booth service from signing package with French Wedding. We were really happy and excited about it but I have to say its really disappointing and BAD experience with service from "PICTURE ME". I understand that this service is free but if you wanna give service like that just because you didn't charge us a single cents then I rather not have this service at all. And PICTURE ME should really reflect on it because this is the reason why your business is doing so badly.
That's bestie Andy with my pretty mommy.

Andy has always been a great emcee and he did not disappoint me at all for hosting my wedding dinner. Knowing that I got no programs line up during the break, he actually invited our family members and friends up on stage to make a speech. It was really heart warming and hilarious and there was not a second of cold silence from the crowd.
I was really touched by my sisters speech and I could hardly control my tears, awww.

And the dramatic girlfriends of mine pull it off with a short speech because they don't wanna add on the EMO ambience. Hah.
And the "DIE DIE WONT BETRAY YOU" brothers....
It was raining in the afternoon so I didn't get to throw my bouquet of flowers and I ended up throwing it in the hotel after my wedding dinner.
And yea, Daddy got it. So you better play safe from now. LOL.

Thank you to my family, relatives and friends for joining us in celebrating of our special day. Because of you guys, this day is even more special and memorable..........