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Friday, September 27, 2013


Now you know the reason for neglecting my blog for months. Yes I'm married. Its was a really tough month at work during 7th month ghost festival (when I need to stay super low profile) while preparing for my wedding. I wanna say a big thank you to my family, parents in law, girlfriends and dearest hubby. My mom help out all the part for our side, while the girlfriends, my hubby and her sister Winnie help out with my wedding planning and stuffs. My parents in law were busy with our wedding preparation throughout just to make sure we had the best. And also, thank you Bestie Andy for being such a awesome Emcee during my wedding dinner. And not forgetting the super touching yet dramatic speech given on stage by my dearest sisters Ling and Janet.

Thank you love for holding my hands tightly through the thick and thin. The one who never fails to give me and only me all his attention. He spam me with kisses day and night, and tuck me in bed every night. I'm fully shower by his care and love, and baby I know how much this love worth.

Here's the proposal video as well as the happenings during our wedding. (PS: the wordings will be gone halfway thru the video as I'm using some online converter to convert my video format)