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Monday, July 15, 2013

Sea Aquarium and Charissa 21st!

Does this panda bun look familiar to you? If yes, then you have probably try out the legend bun at Sea Aquarium. Not to mention they only had a limited of 200 pieces everyday. Well, but they taste very NORMAL to me! Hahs. I was pretty excited with this legend bun thingy when I was told by Sissy they only had 200 panda buns everyday. We even discuss to head down early just not to missed it.

Just by the name SEA Aquarium, you definitely understand there wont be tons of animals for you to see, yes, its not a ZOO. Like the word SEA, what you get to see inside are different different species of fishes.....and more fishes! But of course, not many will visit there if it wasnt for this 2 cuties. And the purpose of our trip...obviously - for KAI KAI and JIA JIA!

Your Journey Starts Here..... thats us, ready to crash thru the door panel!

I should get one of this and place it outside my corridor. So I can sit on it while trying on my shoes. But would prefer one without a spikey shell (@@)

Pictures are deceiving. My sister here not so 斯温 one. She wanted to ride on it like how I do but her legs are too long, causing uncomfort in the riding position.

Cannot stand it when KMZ kept telling me "我很感动" when she see those fishes in the aqurium. Im like "mai boliao lah". Whats so touching about it? You think you little mermaid ah? So emotional*

We walked about an hour and was greeted by many different species of fishes. Some fishes are really big...nooo, I mean- HUGE!

Finally saw Kai Kai and Jia Jia. We are really lucky because usually people wont get to see Jia Jia (as she is very shy and often hides indoor and you only get to see her thru the CCTV)but we get to see both of the panda's that day. Didnt took many pictures because we were fooling around and KMZ were speaking very loudly in the QUIET zone and even asked me for WATER when the person already informed us that NO FOOD AND DRINKS is allowed!

Oh ya, you will get to walk in to the enclosed area with many small monkeys and although we are told that we will be safe as long we dont try to touch them, I'm still very freak out inside. Because the monkeys pee as and when they like and I really wont want extra moisturizers on my hair. I'm so freak out and I cant wait to get out of there but KMZ insist of taking her own sweet time walking the trail. So end up I cause a drama because Im really very worked up and the keepers over there kept telling us "ladies ladies its alright, no worries". But I swear I overheard one of the keeper asking the other that "the monkey attack the tourist isit?" Sis was complaining that I make her very paisei but hey, you also make me very paisei when you talk so loudly at the quiet zone ok.

End of the journey~
DADDY 21st at Equarius Hotel

Shes a fan of HELLO KITTY so we got her a big big kitty Balloon and also lots of kitties stuffy! The hotel is super nice and as usual KMZ was telling everyone shes very "touched" seeing all the fisheys in the aquarium and I cant wait to smack her on the face to wake her up from her MERMAID DREAMS.

Happy 21st daddy, we love you so much!

Daddy boyfie surprise her with a Kitty cake at 12am!

Hope you had a memorable Birthday and continue to live life like a BARBIE! Once again, Happy 21st Daddy, my prettiest tranny daddy ever!