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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summary of MAY

Finally got some time to blog after Mia-ing for a month. Have been trying to fix my schedule and finish my "Whats need to be done" list but it takes forever to complete them. Theres so many things to do and so litt time for me.  Everyday, I took few hours to do my dance training and I was only given a few days before I need to start teaching them in class. And also, I break down those hours as I need to memorize a tons of song lyrics before I perform them on stage either on that night itself or the very next day. I'm glad that I'm born with good memory skills.

 Despite our busy schedule, the girlfriends started hanging out once again  And ya, still so much nonsence as ever..........

 Awww, my daddy... pretty?

Not to forget the many celebrations during MAY! Mother Day and also my mommy Birthday! So, the sisters decided to bring mom out for a nice dinner and also a DIY cake for her. Too bad my elder sister Janet wont be able to join us due to work. So I asked Sandy along to join us for the Birthday dinner.

Awkward Eyebrows drew by Ling, 

Guess her art wasnt that impressive afterall! Anyway this picture clearly shows that $$$ means alot to my mother. HAHAHAH. Well, who dont loves $$$ ?? If you know anyone who say they dont, please intro them to me so they can do some charity to me. Hehe. 

 Also, due to all the shock I had during April, I became lazier day by day, I didnt bother to dress up nor putting on any make up. And I dont even bother to tidy and manage my hair even though I know my hair is in a very very bad condition. Let me tell you what happen during the later part....

 Okay, 2nd Celebration in MAY is somewhat my BIG DAY. Well, theres only 2 big day in your whole life. One is marriage and second is 21st Birthday. I did a small celebration with my close friends in advance as 22nd of May happen to be a weekday itself. And even though I didnt manage to take off in KRTC during this advance celebration I still manage to have fun. At least, I dont have to work during the night. So, 21st was celebrated at Festive Suite with my dearest girlfriends, Mibee and also his band of brothers. Thank you for celebrating this special date with me. And now I know so much dirty secrets from mibee brothers after they got drunk. HAHAHA.

 Thank you girlfriends for the presents and cards. And special thanks to Mibee, Sandy and Celia for the surprise show up during 22nd. Not to mention that was the day I gained 2extra pounds as I finish the rest of the cake by myself.

 And I know I look damn sucky here with my pale face and ugly looking pony. :(
Back to the topic about my hair, I wasnt paying attention to it even though I know something needs to be done. Even when my friends were telling me " Can you go for hair treatment". I just dont bother but it came to a point when its so freaking dry that it started hurting whenever Im drying my hair or combing them.

When I visited the hair salon, the hair stylist told me that my hair condition is very bad and she suggest me to trim them off instead of wasting my time and money doing hair treatment. And I did it, I trim them off. I was thinking of doing it bald if I wasnt attached. :(
I started loving and paying more attention to myself once again.... and tadahhhhh! Cant wait for my hair to be longgggggg..... Im still going for hair treatment every few weeks. And I hope I can have long healthy hair soon.

The last big day in MAY was my girlfriend 21st! Happy Birthday HO YANYAN. I guess best friends most likely suffer the same fate in one way or the other. Especially when the both of us is GEMINI. She wasnt in the mood to plan her 21st as well and she celebrated with her loves at Amara Sentosa. And this time round we had even more fun~ Pajamas theme

Stitch cuppies

And some cute balloons to go with....

I got no idea why Adeline would do sucha thing when shes sober. She tide one of the pink balloon around her waist and she gets really pissed if any of us try taking it out.
"dont touch my wings, I wanna fly"...... *pouts*

Ending the post with a picture of us, Happy 21st babygirl~