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Monday, June 17, 2013

Hazy Hazy

Hate this hazy weather, causing me to have flu, sore throat, itchy eyes. The performance date for my students are getting nearer- 6 more days! I'm so excited and yet worrying for the little ones because you know.... you can never predict the mood of the little monsters! For the rest, I just hope they buck up and practice hard. I'm not asking too much from them, as this is the first time they pick up dancing and only go thru a training of 6months. As long they dont forget the steps, I think its good enough. ^^

Last Thursday, celebrated boyfie father Birthday;
Yes, the one standing at the centre with his sexy crop shirt is the lime light of the night.

As you know, Beer fest is making a hooha in Facebook. So I guess we shouldnt miss out this event!

Looking forward to the weekend! Till then....