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Friday, May 3, 2013


April was really tough and just when I thought things will get better in May, bad news was received near the end of April. Sometimes I really wonder why bad things always happen when my Birthday is around the corner. Last few years I didn't plan much for my Birthday and I was looking forward to my coming 21st as I know I will put in efforts in it. But ever since all the bad stuffs hit on me, I totally got no mood to do any special planning for my coming 21st. And I really wish I was 20 this year so next year I can do a nice nice swee swee planning. But... its ok, as I still get to spend this special date with all my loves. :)

At times, I feel so tired of fighting and working so hard for my dreams. Whenever I look back on the past few years, I really regretted wasting my time on things that are----- USELESS? I was so naive, sacrificing for the people who doesn't worth my efforts, being make used of, and now, I got no much time left although I'm on track. I know I can do so much better than this. I mean, whatever I'm doing now, are the things that I'm supposed to be doing on the past few years. I wish I can stop expecting so much from myself, but TIME LEAVE NO MERCY! :(

The 2 person that I cant live without other than my family. Why would I say this is because whatever happen to them can affect my emotions/attitude/life and so on..... they can brain fuck meeee.

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Till then.... xoxo