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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hong Kong And Mibee 21st

So.... Our 5days 4nights trip to Hong Kong begins! Our flight is as early as 6:30am. We felt so excited that we didn't managed to sleep the day before. Even though we are feeling tired/sleepy, but we were still freaking excited because this is our virgin trip to Hong Kong!

Us, at the airport!

We were told that the weather is kinda warm over there (as Mibee sister just came back before we fly over) So we thought that long sleeves and cardigan will be good enough. However the weather is super duper cold when we get there. Mibee kept complaining that his nipples is hurting because his body is feeling dry. He kept whining that his nipples is tearing apart. LOL.


After settling down at the hotel, we did not waste any time although we are really really tired. We head out straight for food hunting and shopping! As this is our first trip over there, we have already GOOGLE down everything, maps, tourist attractions, places for shopping, A-MUST-EAT list and many more. Mibee is really good in directions, I mean, he can remember the roads and his very observant. Whereas for me, my Chinese is good so usually I will do the reading for signboards.

Feeling proud about ourselves because we reach the metro station in a 8min walk from our hotel.

Here we are, at the night markets ( Yes, we are too early )
Bf trying out one of the food in his MUST-EAT list - Curry Fish ball

Then we had 尿虾, a type of prawns that pee when they are scared. That was what I heard from people lah. I'm not a fan of prawns, plus my body is allergic to seafood. All I know is, I only eat Salad Prawns, because anything that goes with mayonnaise taste good to me! But I decided to give this 尿虾 a try because people have been telling us how good it is. And it really taste so good that we ended up ordering another plate! It was worth it although the bumps on my back lasted for a week.

Finally night time, we went to many shopping centres, night markets etc but I got no idea why we didn't get any stuffs for the first 2 days. Sounds crazy right? But yea, we really didn't get anything we like for the first 2 days. And we were whining and complaining about that. My eldest sister who went Taiwan for holiday posted about her "bankrupt" in half day, and I was commenting her post and telling her I was feeling PIEK CIEK that I didn't manage to get anything I like. Bf was telling me, we still have hope... SHEN ZHEN! That was our plan on the second day, going Shen Zhen for shopping.

However, Shen Zhen trip was postpone to the third day because.... we went to Lan Kwai Fong on the first night. And I bet you know what will happen if you went drinking at Lan Kwai Fong. Major Hangover!

Yes, we are ready for LKF. Bf favourite lah because he lovessssss drinking =.="

Bf cousin, Larry (who was already staying at HK for a period) bring us around to the different Clubs/Bars at LKF. We club hop around and I cant remember how much I drank. I tried many different shots but one of the best I had is the Jelly Shots. You should try it if you happen to be there. There will be people walking around selling it, grab one and I can tell you, you wont regret! ;)

So like I said, Shen Zhen was postpone to the following day. So we went to Madame Tussauds and Wong Da Xian Temple on the next day.

We need to take this train up the hills as Madame Tussauds is located high up the end, and I tell you its super crowded :(

Even when the train is crowded, we still take pictures.... hahaha.

One of the many celebrities wax we took picture with, Jay Chou

Louis Koo;
BF kept telling me that he resembles him, but other than the skin color I really cant find anything else's that is alike! Haha.

Look who we found, Lee Kuan Yew!

Yao Ming; I'm only at his belly ehs.

We did a caricature and it was pretty amazing as the artist took only 7minutes to finished it.

Ta-dah! Ok, dont really look like us but just in 7minutes, its really awesome right?

The second night, we decided to turn in early because we will be going Shen Zhen on the next day. We head out for a quick supper before we call it a day.

I got no pictures for 3rd day as we were busy doing our shopping and theres so many shopping bags to hold on to. By the time we reached Hong Kong, it was already late evening and after we are done with our dinner, we head back straight to sleep because we are visiting Ocean Park on our last day.

We had really good Tim Sum for breakfast before we went to Ocean Park. The egg tarts are super yummy! And I'm actually craving for egg tarts now while doing this post!

In the bus- We felt kinda sleepy with our bloated stomach;

YAY, Ocean park!

Ocean Park is divided into 3 different sections. And to get to each island you'll need to take a cable car ride.Our first time taking a real MERRY-GO-ROUND.

We were a litt freak out in the cable car, I guess we went a litt too far with our imagination. Imagining our cabin falling off etc.

We tried many different rides in Ocean Park. Kinda disappointing because its not as scary as I thought.
Its much worst than the one in USS. If you are keen to try something really exciting, I suggest you to try the Extreme Swing in Singapore Clarke Quak.

Anyway, we was told by mibee cousin that theres a very exciting ride at Ocean Park. They call it the "suicide" ride! So..... of course I MUST give it a try! And boyfriend kept hesitating about the ride, he said he rather jump off the Cliff. HAHA.

The so called "suicide" ride, but the Clarke Quak one is definitely much much scarier!
I really think we are a very lucky couple because after trying all the rides, theres a sudden change in weather and it was pouring very heavily! Due to the bad weather, everyone was queuing for the cable car ride to get back and the situation was abit chaotic. The queue is so damn long (I think probably 3 hours waiting time under the heavy rain) but thanks god, we had the opportunity to CUT queue because a fight was going on in the line and most of the people ran out of the queue to prevent getting hurt, but we took this chance to slip in instead. We cut at least half of the queue but still, we waited one and half hours under the heavy rain. We were drenched, shivering in cold and I got no idea why we can still buy ICE POP lor.

Finally back to the hotel and after a hot shower, its time to pack our luggage! This is the first time I go overseas yet return without an extra luggage. Even my mother also feel surprised about it. She expect me to be back with extra luggage. Haha.

The next morning, we set off to the airport after our last breakfast at Hong Kong!

Singapore, we are coming home!

And I'm ending this post with the 21st birthday gift I had for Mibee. These are some of the pages I did in a sketch book.....

And also,I customised a 21st Birthday theme cookies for him. And yes, the cookie with our picture on it is edible!

Happy Birthday Baby, hope you had a memorable 21st~