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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back In Action!

I guess I was away for too long, exactly a month from this site. I was pack with many plans and activities...and also work :(
I will be getting a camera asap so I can produce good quality dance videos. Wanted to video down some good dance choreography that my students have been working hard on so I can actually upload and share with you guys on this little space.

                                                         你是我肚子里的一条虫! (You are the worm in my stomach! LOL. This means that this particular person knows you very well, inside out.)
Sometimes she accompany me to work, we will be chatting NON STOP from east to west till I reach my work place. And then from west to east back home, we will STILL be chatting happily in the car. I still got no idea why the hell do we have so many endless conversations. She knows me so well and sometimes, we both don't have to speak a single word but we will be laughing at the same thing, at the same time...This is MADNESS.

I'm glad that I can have her everywhere I go. If you get what I mean.... She is there 24/7.
Lunch, Dinner, Supper, Shopping, Sleep over, Drinking and getting drunk together and many more...
And the best thing is, she hangout well with Mibee and his group of friends. And we had so much fun hanging out together :)

 Gonna write a post about my Hong Kong trip with Mibee so check back here for more updates!