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Saturday, February 23, 2013

CNY, Valentine, Whats up Feb?

Overdue pictures, did CAKE POP's at KRTC baking class for Celia 21st.

 MBS with the girls; Adeline



I actually fall sick on the third day of CNY (sick for more than 2 weeks) down with fever, sore throat, flu, cough. Visit western doctor and he gave me very powerful antibiotics and all the colorful medication which actually result me growing ulcers all over my mouth. Lost my appetite for days and I took my medication without having any proper meal. My weight drop drastically from 40kg to 36-37kg. I really dont know how I actually TAHAN to work at KRTC and then go for my singing at night. Finished the medication and the ulcers and sore in my throat seems to worsen. Visited chinese seng seh and finally I was feeling better, had ramen for my dinner and all of a sudden, Im having a very very bad headache which eventually cause me to puke out everything. So I went to visit the chinese seng seh again and thanks god I'm finally recovering. Some pictures to share and compare..........

Before I was sick, still look kinda chubby back then;

Compare my arms from this picture and the one below;

Picture I took recently with Katherine, after being sick for more than 2 weeks.... See my face and arms.
I got so many cravings right down, Macdonalds, Arnolds fried chicken, chocolate cakes, mookata, yes yes all the fried and unhealthy food. But my throat havent fully recover ehs......  :(

So basically, I was really really sick during the whole of CNY, and still pack with work even though I'm sick. Well, I guess the weight loss is the only one thing to be happy about?

And just like I expected, I will be working even during Valentine day, Mibee actually did an advance Vday surprise for me. One night, I was home from work and realize someone had placed a bag outside my doorstep. Got no idea why I was feeling paranoid that evening. ( Maybe because Facebook got too many sick and gore videos. I was thinking that a dead cat is in the bag so I didn't open it up.) My eldest sister was feeling excited about the mysterious bag but she didn't dare to open it too.

So I quickly text Mibee about the bag...

Me: "Bi, you know someone put a black color bag outside my doorstep. Nobody dare to open it because inside like very soft, I think is animal lor, we went to kick the bag".

Mibee: "I put outside one la, its for you..... =.="

So much loves from boyfriend.... Bag pack, Lolly, Sweater and also a book with our pictures. Thanks baby!

And this is what I did for him as Vday prezzie! Engraving on his favourite cologne.
Thats about it....... looking forward to MARCH!