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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why JAN so slow?

Hello ;)
Its been awhile since I last login my blogger. Jan have been a tough month for me, lots of up and down at work. Time seems to be extremely slow. (check calendar*) Gosh, one more week to go before I welcome Feb. And yes I'm so excited for the upcoming CNY programs at work. I need to earn lots of allowance money for my holiday trip on March, needa save up for my 21st Birthday too. Ahhh, this and that. I need $$$$$$$.

Miss my face already?

Took by Marcus Pang;

A few pictures from Celia Birthday Celebration;


San Jie;

Us :)
Happy Birthday Celia.... to be continue.

Previously, the Kaamp program at Krtc have been giving me some headache. The first few days wasn't that bad, then suddenly, the situation seems to get worse, complications and many more. The kids were out of control, I tried being fierce, firm, soft, gentle and nice but none of these seems to work out. They are bringing differ kind of emotions into my class every single time. One day, they are able to focus for half an hour and the next day, they only give me 10min of attention. One day I end my class feeling relieved and the next day I got really upset and affected because things didn't went smoothly. I tried every single method I could come up with but sighhhhh.. I feel so lost. I'm trying to fit myself into it but it seems like I don't understand them at all. And I don't know why misfortunes only happen in my class whereas during other lessons, they can behave so well. Maybe I don't look like an adult. LOL. I got really affected for weeks, restless, sad, lack of motivation. Especially when they say "I don't want to dance anymore/ I want to go home".

Few days back, they started smiling to me whenever they see me, waving their hands excitedly. And I felt good. I think they are starting to like me and they are looking forward to my class. I was glad. At the end of my lesson, they ran towards me, giving me huggies and asking me for a hug, my heart eventually melts. Today I visited the other teacher classes to learn and gain some experience. Before I leave, they ran towards me, hugging me tightly, offering me the biscuits they baked. I don't know how to explain the feelings in me. I used to think that I'm wasting my time when it comes to teaching litt kids, but now I think differently. I guess all this while, I have been expecting too much from them. (My parents and friends always remind me not to expect too much from kids, one step at a step) And now I get it, really do. :)