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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Late xmas & Ny

Hohoho, I'm late! Did you guys enjoy your xmas as well as new year? Spend my new year count down with this lady here, san jie!

 And mibee!
So basically, everyday I
*Work in the morning
     * Training in the noon/ Lunch with besties and mibee
*Work at night/ Training/ Dinner with besties and mibee
*Drinking/ Party with besties and mibee
*Late supper or should I call it Breakfast
and then realize OMG left 3hours to sleep.............

Late supper at Swee Choon. TIMSUM~

 Pictures at Adeline Birthday party~
 She did an advance 21st Birthday Celebration at home and I was only there for less than 2hours due to work. :(
 Happy Birthday Adeline!

 Well, the real fun is on her actual date as we (the very pretty and sweet girlfriends hehe) have decided to make a mini Birthday celebration for her as well as a late xmas gift exchange party! We start off the night with the Oh-So-Delicious food prepared specially for us!

 And the lucky Birthday girl! We bought her 21 MARIE items as
1) She is 21 this year
2) She is a MARIE fan

We had a hard time looking for the Marie stuffs because its not a very common cartoon character like Mickey and Minnie or Hello Kitty. I got the unique ones online and the others from Disney outlets in malls.

  And Charissa idea for this photo frame! Anyway ADELINE took this picture and edited it to Black and White! HAHAHA. The actual piece came with color ok!

 And now its time for the xmas gift-changing session! Excited!!!

This year is a very busy year for me so I got no time to handpick every single present. End up I got everyone the same gift! Hopefully next year I'm able to do so because I really love to spend time finding and buying gifts. I customade xmas theme macarons for my girls and family this year! Cute right?

It came with a box of 4 different design macarons I have picked.

Take a look at my gifts! They got me exactly everything I wants/need! Bagpack, clutch, pouches, perfume, masks and ELMO Hoodie. That's everything I'm intending to buy, so thoughtful. Thank you girls.

The other day, instead of wearing costumes to work, mummy actually allow me to wear my home clothes. YAY. Because I feel more comfortable in my home clothing and it just put me in a really good mood that day although I work from early afternoon till night.

And this art master at my work event actually offer me and mummy a free piece of his artwork. He cut out our side view in less than a min. Excellent skills with the scissors!
Looking forward to Feb.