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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Its over!

Finally, I'm done with my dance workshop yesterday. (Which is one thing that I've been stressing about for quite awhile) Because of all the planning and stuffs etc. Let me talk about some other randoms that have been happening lately. Attended my cousin wedding like few weeks ago. That's my elder sister Yee Rui in blue and my eldest sister Ling in the centre. Do we sisters look alike? Everyone...or should I say most of our friends and relatives were saying that me and my elder sister Yee Rui look alike.

 And a picture with my babysis! Was working for an event together and we couldn't stop cam whoring. This is just one of the many pictures we took.


 Some pictures from from Marcus and Andrew;

Ok, now I'm gonna talk about my work at KRTC. Perhaps most of you think that I'm one lucky girl as I'm working a hobby as my job. But things is not as easy like what you see. I have to give up my play time and spend hours at home training and figuring out every single choreography and also the MTV dance steps. Especially the lessons with litt' kids like 4-6years old, I need to spend time on YouTube doing research because I want the steps to be simple so its easy for them to follow and yet I want the whole choreography to be interesting and creative. But someone as playful like me needs to hangout every single time, so I have to give up my resting time in exchange for my play time. But, I'm not the irresponsible type of person. Even if I only get to sleep for 3hours, I'm always 15minutes early for work. And can you imagine I need to travel all the way to the west by MRT and usually there wont be any available seats lor :(
But yea, no way I'm giving up my play time. At least I'm a responsible teacher okay!

I'm so happy that my workshop went smoothly yesterday. Well, compared to the last workshop I did at KRTC, this is definitely so so so much better. ( Just exclude the part whereby one of the boys were crying and making the scene so bad because he didn't get my gift. And not forgetting one of the parent actually approached me asking for a gift. Seriously, I don't mind if I have extras, but theres like 30kids in my workshop and I'm holding two workshops yesterday. So I only able to give to the ones that pay attention to me and memorize the dance steps. And also, if I'm coming from a rich background I really don't mind buying for each and every single one of them.) I hope the parents understand. Pfff. And some of the parents wouldn't cooperate. 30kids in the studio yesterday and it was already kind of packed, yet even after I invite them to watch outside the glass panel, some just wouldn't leave and were talking as loudly as me at the back. Gees. Enough of all the ranting, I wanna thanks my 3 litt helpers. My favourites among all my students. A pity they wont be coming back for class anymore as their school holiday have already ended. I've definitely build a strong bond with them during this period of time. They were giving me plenty of hugs and kisses and it got me really emotional yesterday. They were shouting out my name from far continuously when I left home.

Yeah, these girls really have passion for dance. I didn't manage to video down their performance because I was really busy with this and that. You should have see their dance attitude and expressions they bring out in them. They are amazing and I love them to bits. Thanks for being such an awesome helpers and all the laughter and memories you left in me during your holiday classes!