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Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm so lack of motivation in my singing career. My "Songs To Learn" list is currently empty. I need advice, can someone enlighten me :(

Beautiful pictures taken by Photographer- Marcus

My babysis- Katherine

Thats us and Marcus!

Marcus kana force by us to take silly faces;

And some pictures I took with my kids at KRTC! Taking pictures during break time, mischevious little monsters!

Sometimes I find it difficult to cope with my work. Am I slacking too much or am I expecting too much from myself? I really got no idea. Next year onwards, I will commit 6days per week every early afternoon at KRTC and then as usual, I will go for my singing if there is performance during the night. Till now, I really got no idea how I train from the East to the West everytime I work at KRTC. So proud of myself. :D
I'm giving myself another 2-3years and by then, I really hope I'm ready to do my own biz- which is to open my own studio to teach dancing and probably hire some professionals vocal instructor too. OMG, my dreams....... I will be 23years old by then. So old :(
Why didnt I cherish my years after I graduated from Secondary School? 3years, WTH have I been doing? And I need savings, I need to quit shopping! Ok, I admit I just got addicted in the stupid GMARKET online shopping webby.  :(