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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 at Sentosa USS/ Fort Siloso Spooktacular

Happy Halloween! Hope you guys had fun scaring people... Spend the 25th at Universal Studios Singapore with my girls. It will be perfect if Sandy join us that night! This year, so many people came for the Halloween event. Can you imagine the number of people that turn up when you need to queue an hour for the Sentosa Express? I remember last year, the event also attracted a big crowd, but not to the extend of queuing an hour just for the Sentosa Express! So, we've decided to take a cab instead.
We were all so excited about it, FINALLY.......

The crowd this year is like 12345 6times bigger than last year. We queue for 30-40min even though we bought the express tickets! Can you imagine? Whereby last year its only 5min for the express queue. I'm not sure about the other dates, but maybe because we bought the one on Thursday and Friday happen to be a PH.

 I was looking forward to this year event but compared to last year, sad to say, its a minus! Its not that scary compared to last year Halloween. There are lesser monsters and creatures roaming around. And because of the huge crowd this year, we went in the Haunted houses in a big group of (I don't know how many as I lost count) instead of a group of 10ppl for last year. Walking the haunted houses with a big group of people minus the scare factors and ambiance. However, we all had fun that night and by the time we are done with half of the rides, we were all drained.

 That's about it for 25th!!!

On the 28th, I went to Fort Siloso Spooktacular event with Mibee. This is my first time there and the queue is even crazier than the ones at USS. 1-2hours+ queuing time just to enter each haunted house for a walk about 3-5min. So we only enter 3haunted houses in the end and we were too lazy and tired to queue for the other two.

This one below, really look like "HANTU" hahaha.
 And I really got no idea what happen to my Iphone, all of a sudden the pictures I took using my phone is super blur and fcuk up.

So, I was told by Mibee his experience to USS last year and I thought the both of us will walk bravely throughout the haunted houses. And we did because we went in with a big crowd and he was complaining how stupid and lame it is when we are done with the first 2houses. But when it came to the Doll House, we were the first couple to go first and in a small group of 8. I grabbed his hands tightly while walking in front but Mibee slow down in less than a 50m walk and was feeling reluctant to move ahead. I was persuading him to move and he dilly dally for 2min before he decided to give way to the ones behind us to go first. And so, all of us dilly dally for another 2min before they push two guys to walk up front. After the walk in Doll House, I cant help it but to disturb Mibee how timid he is for that moment while we were walking inside.

That's about it! HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!

Eyeballs necklace, got Halloween feel.... hehe.

Celebrating San Jie Birthday at Bugis + later! xoxo.