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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The stay over at MBS last month end up with just me, Adeline and Yan Yan staying over while the rest of the girls went back during late night. The 3 of us were sharing our horror bed time stories about Aliens, Ghosts, End of the world, Past life etc and I remember myself falling asleep after Adeline finish her story about a little boy who remembers his past life. I think you can check out the documentary in YouTube.


The next morning, BREAKFAST~

And this Hello Kitty ELMO from Yan Yan, Love it!!!

 Last month, I have been meeting up YY for lunch really often, now you know where the extra pounds came from.....

 Up next, we will be doing a duo Birthday celebration for our brothers this coming Saturday! A trip to USS HALLOWEEN EVENT on the 25th, and lastly, a dress up party on Sandy Birthday Celebration! WOOOOOOOO! I'm so excited.

 Ending this post with a picture of my dearest; the night at MUSTAFA.