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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just 5 more days!

I have been neglecting this little space since the start of 7th month. :(
 5more days before everything ends and I'm very excited (for no particular reason). Here are the pictures from some very talented photographers.

Don't know why I feel damn FAT even though I'm not eating much and working out everyday. My face look damn round and I'm not very happy with it :(
If I'm super rich I would have go for botox, lipo etc. But even if I got the money I think I also quite "Hum" to do all this because I'm scared of pain. Anyway the mattress I ordered from Tide Shop has arrived. It comes with a small bolster and pillow and also a blanket attached to the mattress itself (which is the design of the Totoro belly) All my girlfriends check out my new mattress and said its damn cute and they feel like getting one too (When previously they were calling me CHILDISH) *Ahem*

 After my work period ends, I'm gonna stop applying make up and head out without my hair extensions because I look so much younger and innocent like that. Swear I'm still affected that I'm already 20 years old. I don't feel good writing the number 2. >:(