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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Preparing For War On Sept

At this point of time, I cant afford anymore distractions. I asked myself every single day what I actually want in my life? How I want my future to be? I'm working very hard now and I know there is still a long way to go before I will reach my goal. I know I must sacrifice a few things in order to achieve a better future. I hope I got extra time to hangout with my love ones, but it seems like I'm having trouble even for my resting time. I dont wanna suffer in future, and I need to have more self control in my spending.

 My Taiwan Friend 赖慧如, a familiar face from the popular singing competition 明日之星 held in Taiwan. And she is only 16years old this year! So young....

 A small steamboat gathering at my colleague place. He is always making the effort for such gatherings, and despite his feeling unwell last Thursday, he prepared the food for us all by himself .
Hungry Ghost Festival is near the corner, and I'm very excited as usual. As well for the classes I will be conducting in KRTC. My Taiwan friends came over to Singapore for a month, and I have been bringing them around for supper and also some tourist attractions in Singapore. And due to the bad weather plus I'm training my ass off for quite some time, I lost my voice once again for about 10days. I visited the doctor twice and even though I finished my medication, its still on and off for my sore throat. The third visit was to my chinese Sinseh, hopefully I will recover when I finish my medication in 2days time. Thats about it, xoxo.