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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Busy July

I wanna go Thailand again and I wanna do teeth whitening. Heard from babygirl it cost around 300++ only! Its been 4months and Hakubi pills is working quite well for me. My eldest sister and my mom is taking it too. Hehe. Recently I got this really bad habit, I have been eating and eating to keep myself awake for class and training. Oh, I gained 4KG. But the next day its 2kg lesser. Tehehe.



Saw this in FB and YAY I'm getting that grey monster instead of that brown color bear ( I got no idea whats the name of the character.) I just prefer the uglier ones...HAHAHAH.
  Yesterday, didnt manage to make it to Charissa Birthday dinner, Sorry Daddy! I love you mak mak!

PS: So many mosquitoes lately, Cheeeseeepie.