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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

half way thru June

Yay, so happy I'm on track. I need to build up my dancer portfolio soon! Hopefully by August. Gonna share with you guys the videos when everything is ready!
Before baby girl left to Thailand, we went for shopping and dinner at Town. A date, just the two of us! But maybe we weren't meant to be because we saw my eldest sister Ling at the Mrt station and Ling ended up with us for the night. HAHAHAH. We were supposed to go somewhere for desserts recommended by Yan Yan but due to the long waiting queue, we went to Jones The Grocer instead- recommended by Ling. And for the whole night, Ling found herself being blamed by us for wasting our stomach space with the disappointing desserts.

 Oh yea, we should have save our stomach space for the finger food at Wine Connection Bar And Bistro!
 The very next afternoon, went over to Yan Yan place and she taught me how to cook a few dishes using bf favourite "Prawn"! Had so much fun going grocery shopping, cooking, messing up the kitchen with baby girl!
 And all thanks to her that I'm able to whip up this few yummy dishes! Seafood pasta, Bacon wrapped prawn/crab stick and Cereal prawn!

 And while cleaning up the kitchen, bbg started wrapping and she decorated everything for me! So sweet of her!
Cant wait cant wait, I wanna get my port folio done asap! Wish me luck!