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Monday, June 4, 2012

Everythings over!

YAY, I went for my wisdom tooth extraction and I'm glad its over....maybe not because I still need to go back to remove my stitches :(
Every time I visit the dentist, its so hard to maintain and keep myself calm. I swear the whole freaking chair and machine shake like fuck when my surgery haven't even started. Damn awkward :(

Anyway I went to Thai last Wednesday with my eldest sister Ling and Sandy! Everything is good but the only bad experience we had is the Taxi and Toot toot service over there. We have trouble finding an honest taxi/toot toot every time we head out. Not just about the extra charges but we face troubles like...

Me "Siam Square how much?"
Bad Guy "60bhat, cheap cheap na, good for choo(you)"
so three of us went up the toot toot and....

Bad Guy "Later on the way, I fetch choo(you) tuu dah shop, see seeee"
Me "No we just want to go SIAM SQUARE"
Bad Guy" Nooo noo... choo gibe me 20bhat 20 bhat petrol, we go shop see seee"

So....we just get out of that toot toot and try our luck finding some other taxi. I seriously don't understand what his talking about and I just want to get to SIAM SQUARE. And the worst thing is, we get caught up in this situation for fucking four times?

And as usual..... Sandy the bimbo have been complaining about this fake door hole that cant see a single shit. And you know what?

Now you know where she gets her nickname from?

So I thought, or in fact really confident that I will go on a healthy diet after my tooth is being extracted. No desserts or sweet stuffs but just healthy meal and less food. But I failed. And I missed out training for like weeks?

Now I have very bad ulcer which hurts even more than my stitched gums. FML.
And before I end this post, you should try this test if you haven't do so!