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Monday, June 4, 2012

BBG 20th Bday at MBS

Head down to MBS after work for Yan Yan Birthday Celebration. This sister of mine is a BIG fan of STITCH. (That ugly blue unknown creature.) Happy Birthday Babygirl! Below is the cake baked by Adeline;

Yea STITCH, even the cake also.

And all the Stitch stuffs we get for her!

Oh yes, Charissa went overseas and Adely left to club. Leaving the remaining 5 of us, fitting the bed just nicely. Love sleeping beside Adeline because her body feels so warm, all I have to do is to move closer to her whenever I'm cold. If only she don't lift up her arms while sleeping, everything will be perfect! And the worst thing is waking up realizing shes only in her Bra and Pantie. God knows what she did to me. And I thank God when I heard Ade saying
Ade "I wanted to take off my undergarments yesterday, so hot".
Yan Yan "I wanted to take off my robe too".

Next day, early lunch at Crystal Jade.

Tell me how not to gain weight if you eat like this everyday?