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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sentosa Festive Hotel

Sleep over with the girls at Sentosa. It was a fun night I swear!

With my Daddy Yong;

San Jie;

Crazy or what? 5 of us finish one bottle of red wine in half an hour time.

Ade need to maintain a bit, she's damn crappy when she's high. By seeing the picture, you definitely get what I mean. At 1am, all of them were asleep. And 5.30am, Adeline wakes everyone up telling us its time to check out. Haha wth? And the best part is, both of us decided to keep the rest awake because we cant fall back to sleep. Blasting the music in the living room but end up feeling disturbed by it ourselves. And since we got nothing better to do, we finished the other bottle of red wine in an hour time. Yes, just the two of us at 5.30am in the morning.

Yan Yan holding on to the adult robe while mine is for the kid;
Oh my gwad feel so young. Hahaha.

And this kid here, not a SHE but a HE.

Next morning, we went to Aoba for our lunch;

Then chocolate fondue;

Two hours of shopping at Vivo City and we call it a day! Cant wait for our next gathering sleep over at Adeline place! :D

Why my hair grow so slow :(
Hate using extension.