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Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 20th to ME!

Omg, I'm one year older. Cake from elder sister Yeerui, bought from Awfully Chocolate :D

Sunday- advance Birthday Dinner with the girls at Momoya, Japanese buffet! No idea why but we ate a litt that night.

Dad and babygirl got me ELMO! So sweet, I know they had a hard time catching it, love love!
And also thanks Celia!

And these from Adeline; omg more lovessssss!

Oh yes, Adeline is being way too sweet because she even baked me chocolate cupcakes!

And even print and cut out these Elmo signs as the CC deco;

Sooooooooo many gifts and sooooooo many kisses, tell me how is it possible that one could not feel loved?

Thank you girls!

Next Sunday, Yan Yan Birthday! Well, its your turn to feel the love babygirl!