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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When things really got crazy

19th of Dec, an early Christmas Celebration with my girls.

I headed down to Conrad Hotel after my work.

After grabbing a quick bite and getting the stuffs we need at Suntec, we went back to our room and get things started.

We were so high and we could not stop laughing

World biggest beetle
All the gifts from the 5 of us;

#1- The treasure Hunt
Each of us take turns to hide our exchange gifts. The rest of the 4 girls will have to find the hidden present.

Unwrapping the presents excitedly;
YY found my prezzie;

Celia found Sandy's one;

And I found Papa Yong gift;

Sandy found the tiny version of hair straightener by Celia;

While daddy found YY lip gloss;
Some wine to shake things up;

#2- Chubby bunny

At least 4 marshmallows in your mouth before you can do the tongue twister for additional bonus points

With all her might, but Sandy ended up scoring the worst;

Celia looking like a cute chubby bunny! Awww.....

Monkey Yong playing chubby bunny;
Oh yes, Papa Yong won in the Chubby Bunny Challenge.....People use one finger;
Daddy use TWO fingers;
Daddy, winner of chubby bunny;
And Sandy forfeit for losing the game;
#3- Polo Sweet Challenge
Using just the straw in your mouth, try to hook as many Polo Sweets as you can.

Yan Yan, winner of the Polo Challenge!
Charissa plan a similar game like treasure hunt. 4 pieces of papers hidden around in the room. With "Winner" and "Loser" written on each piece and "Neutral" written on the other 2 pieces.

Celia found the paper which wrote "Winner";

Too bad she don't have any ear holes, and she gave the prize away. The next morning, while we are packing our stuffs preparing to check out, I found the pairs of earrings being abandon at one corner. HAHAHAHA. Nobody wants it lor, end up daddy took it back. LOL.

And yeah, I got the paper which wrote "Loser" on it. Sometimes, I feel damn freaky about the six sense I had. This is already the 3rd incident. Before Charissa game started, I kept seeing myself being the first one who found the paper and even saw myself opening the paper with the word "Loser". And everything really happens, even before we open up our paper, Charissa told me I got the privilege to change my paper with someone else. But my stubbornness..... :(

#4- Get Creamy

Using just your mouth, find the 2 grapes hidden under the thick whipped cream.
WARNING; you can get really messy as the cream will mess up your face.

The girls washing up;

Daddy won again!
And Celia forfeit for losing my game;
#5- Twister
The last one standing wins.

Charissa was the first one down, and the 3 of us left ended up in a competition of sit-ups! And the winner is....................
Yan Yan! Her daily visit to the GYM wasnt a waste!
Daddy forfeit for losing in Sandy game;

Its really a crazy night, Celia left after that while the rest of us stay overnight in Conrad. The next morning, we went to Suntec for our lunch;
Thats about it! 10more days to a brand new year, how time drained away and was lost forever. Sometimes I'm afraid, maybe what I am thinking will come true. Sigh. I hope things will still be the same, the way things used to be. At times, I hope all these worry can evaporates like magic.
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR *singing*And I'm ending this post with the video of the night;