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Monday, July 4, 2011

Charissa 19 with surprise appearance of Steven Lim

As usual, rush down after my work for Papa Yong Birthday Celebration at Changi Coast Walk.

Daddy; Birthday Girl hugging Fluffy.

Think Fluffy's cute? Chloe hugging the scary monster; dog that eat TORTOISE ain't cute!

Beloved girlfriends;


Darren and Edmund;


Chloe Tsai;


Me and Dad;

Daddy and my Grandfather; HAHAHAHAH. Kidding. That's Charissa mom.

Damn, this CHAO AH GUA doesn't know her nails hurting my cheek.

See, always kana bully :(

About 11pm, its time for our surprise for Charissa! YY trying to blindfold her but turns out like the scary movie "The Maid".

In order not to let her freak out and run away from Steven Lim, we need to do this to her so Steven can successfully finish his dancing.

While waiting for Steven Lim to arrive, we pass daddy her FAVOURITE STICK to ease her down a litt'...

Special guest appearance- Steven Lim

Papa Yong totally freak out~

Aww, crying because she is traumatize, finally she met someone freakier than her.

Transformer Steven turning into GO GO ARMPIT RANGER;

Trying real hard to persuade daddy being friends;

After a lick of Papa Yong stick, they are officially FRIENDS;

And then some lipstick on him;

Steven says: Edmund, release me...................



Darren says: Enough is enough...

Darren: you are seriously getting on my nervessssssss......

Now you know why is it dangerous when my friends are holding onto camera, you will never know....

SL: lightin focas more on my armpit, thankwee u ah.

Charissa taking way too long;

A group picture of us;

And then just the 5 of us;

Ending this post with the video;

Happy Birthday Daddy, with much loves......