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Sunday, March 2, 2014

End of confinement, not!

So.... I ended my confinement early, 27days and I head out partying with hubby, started drinking cold water and now I face consequences of jelly tummy. I know I had too much cold drinks for 2 days and now I really regretted it :(
My mom told me that the confinement period are about 40-42 days. Just that after 28days you get to shower and wash your hair and head out for a walk. Well, I don't mind stuck at home but I seriously can't live wo drinking water or even cold drinks. Writing this post right now, I still got 5more days before I end my "confinement" but even after that I can only take a bit of cold drinks once awhile. Being very conscious of my body, I rather not risk anything. After all, I still need to wait for 2months before I can start exercising. Sigh. But looking at my princess growing up day by day makes my mood so much better. Even though it's tough and tiring, sometimes even frustrating, but she's just irresistibly cute!

I know right, my baby got big eyes kekeke.

And the look she gives when I wanna cut her nails...
Suspecting moma up to no good...

Sweety daddy loves sleeping with Eva

And Eva loves sleeping with daddy too... Maybe not, just that daddy got nice shoulders for her to sleep on...

The mouth she would make whenever she's hungry

Her new furry friend bought by daddy, chosen by mummy :D
A love hate relationship with buns

Bb shower cupcakes

Ootd for her first big day
First solo pic with princess

Us :D

Lastly, the latest picture of Eva

Have been really busy with princess ever since she was born. And now I really need to have more time management and get back my training momentum. :(
Till then! Xoxo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Staying positive, damn you confinement

Insecurities.....I guess I'm not the only one feeling this way as many new mama will definitely understand this. Weight gain, bloating, varicose veins and skin discoloration are typically considered some of the condition's downsides. After labor, many women experience hair loss, sagging skin, rashes and, perhaps the most dreaded of pregnancy's cosmetic bummers, stretch marks. Even though I have them only on my buttocks but sometimes it just affect me so damn much. Gosh I got no idea why but it's killing me each time I see those streaks. :( I thought after labor things will get better but I'm wrong. Confinement is way worse than the 9months pregnancy I have gone thru. No washing of hair throughout the one month and only able to shower with herbal water once every few days after two weeks. I felt moody and angst most of the time. My body started peeling madly and it itch everywhere. Especially my sticky oily hair. And together with the stress build up by my little princess. I needa wake up every 2-3hours to feed her, change her diaper, pacify her to sleep etc. So basically I only had 3-4 hours of sleep everyday as this human alarm clock will ring anytime. And it's not a straight 3-4hours sleep. It's an hour-2hours nap. Sometimes while she's asleep, I will take the time to wipe n clean up myself.  Its wasn't easy. Here's some pictures of my adorable babygirl.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yes... At 2 weeks old, she's eager to learn how to hold her own milk bottle. Although the milk bottle is too heavy for her, she will still place her small hands on the bottle at times especially when she's really hungry. So clever luh!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
 Back to my story, I couldn't control my temper n emotions and it's was a period I'm having a hard time with my hubby. I thought I was going "Besak". I feel unfair in everything, and very imbalance in my heart. Why am I the one going thru this but not him. And I start feeling angered and hatred towards him. Poor hubby. Each time he tries to pacify me things got worst, I just push him away every single time, because I felt dirty and sticky. I couldn't take it anymore, and I have my first damn hair wash and shower after two weeks. Who cares about the "myths or facts" about washing your hair during confinement. I think I will have depression and go crazy if I didn't keep to my hygiene. After washing up, things got better, my mood felt so much better and I wasn't as angst as before. It's all about keeping yourself refresh and comfortable to have a good mood. And I wanna say sorry to my lovely hubby. And thank you once again for making things better than before. Thanks for showing me the efforts made and being more understanding towards me. Truly sorry, huggies*Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Monday, January 27, 2014

1month earlier than expected

Little Eva is anxious, she's impatient to be in our arms. I had a shock when I was bleeding. Was told by the nurse that it's normal however I head down for a checkup and I'm glad I did. I was having contraction but I don't feel it? I thought it was my baby moving in me. I was asked to admit to the hospital and was fed with tons of medicines and injections to stop my contraction as baby Eva will be 1week premature. And the next thing I know... They gonna induce me the following morning. Maybe that's why I suffer throughout the last few hours of my labor. I was expecting a quick 3hours, but it lasted 11hours. However, I believe whatever they are doing is for my own good and the best for my baby. The first few hours of labor was still pretty ok. I still manage to pull through the contraction, but I guess I hold on for too long and was pretty last minute to asked for an epidural. So I suffer for another few hours before my lower body stop feeling a single shit. It wasn't easy, this makes me treasure my mother more than ever. I keep having this feeling, that if I wasn't induce and if it was a normal delivery, my labor would be a quick n easy one. Everything was worth it, when you hold your baby in your arms.... I was still in shock after labor, I feel paralyzed due to the epidural. It took 6-8hours before I start feeling my legs again. I was stressing myself to pee even when I can't feel the urge to do so. Because they told me they will need to insert a tube to drain my urine if I didn't manage to pee by a certain timing. Sounds horrifying to me. And worse of all need to use a bed pent. :( This just makes peeing even tougher. I couldn't sleep the whole night, in fact I didn't manage to sleep for days in the hospital. All the bleeding, pain and discomfort after the anesthetic effect was gone. They wake me up every few hours for medication, temperature check etc. I'm glad I'm home, I manage to sleep for hours, a good sleep finally. Things don't end here, I got my one month confinement and it sucks. I'm a super hygienic person :( However, I'm glad that my tummy flattens in just a few days when others probably took a few weeks. I gained a total of 16kg throughout my pregnancy and gees I only lose 6kg after I deliver. Now I got 10more kg to go in 3weeks times. I wanna say a big thank you to mummy n godpa. My lovely girlfriends and hubby sister, my parents in law and last but not least my wonderful hubby. Thanks everyone for visiting, showing concern and giving me so much support. Sorry for making mummy so worry and heartache to see me suffering in pain. Will visit you with your granddaughter once I ends my confinement! And thank you my sweetest hubby, I know you didn't catch any sleep like me while I was in the hospital. Thanks for making the effort waiting for me, visiting me early in the morning and going thru everything with me. Thanks for all the love and care you have showered me, as always. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Friday, December 6, 2013

The journey

Yes this is it! Probably left about 2months and I guess Eva will be born during the jubilant festival of the year- Chinese New Year! And next year is 马年, I always wish my baby will be born in the year of dragon or horse. What a blessing!
Now I really understand 妈妈的伟大 after I experience the journey of pregnancy. It was never easy especially for such a vain-pot like me. The body changes and all the weird symptoms I had gone thru, it was really "amazing". In fact, I have never realize how petite I was till I get pregnant. I was still complaining that I'm fat when I'm only weighing at 38kg in the past.

1) Weight Gain And Heart Burn
I almost got depressed watching my weight increases day by day. I mean, even when I'm not eating a lot, my weight just increases. It was really hard for me to accept this and after several months I finally get used to it. But hey, I'm not the kind that will starve my baby ok. I'm never a breakfast person and my first meal of the day were probably late afternoon. But ever since I got pregnant, I force myself to have breakfast every single day without fail even when I got no appetite. Right now, I gained a total of 12kg and it's definitely still gaining throughout the next two months! Next, I know heart burn is common but I'm having it like 24/7. The first trimester was easy for me, other than gaining weight, I did not experience any other symptoms and in fact I still do my workout and dance as much as I can.

But for my 2nd and my last trimester now, I don't ever need a blanket in an air-conditioned room. It cause me to threw up more than ever and now I can't even drink much water even when I'm thirsty because I will probably start puking. I also grow heat rash on my back and forehead but I'm glad it was under control as I'm using products to cure my body rash and the blemishes that breakout on my face.

2) Baby Bump and Stretch Marks
I'm glad my baby-bump is consider small to others, I'm already having trouble sleeping and moving around so I really can't imagine if I have big baby-bump. I used to workout every single day before I'm pregnant and although I couldn't do any of the workout now, I would still walk a distance everyday. However, I realize my legs would start aching if I walk a little faster, and during one of the night last week, my right leg start to cramp in the middle of the night. It hurts a lot but thanks god my hubby were beside me and about 10seconds after he did some bending on my feet, I recovered from the pain on my lower calf and I did not manage to sleep after that, am to shock and terrified by the sudden attack and I hope this is the one and only time I will experience it throughout my pregnancy. I remember the first time I whine/cry and make a fuss during my pregnancy was during the first few months when I saw my weight increasing to the unfamiliar numbers I have never once seen. The second time I cried really badly was when I realize I grew stretch marks on my buttocks. Hell right, I know nobody can see my buttocks but then I just got really emotional over it. But on a positive side, I'm glad I did not have any stretch marks on the other area of my body and I hope it will never appear for the following months. My mom and mother in law also assure me that the marks on my buttocks will fade off after I deliver but I know not everyone is lucky like their case!

I'm already feeling nervous as I wouldn't know the pain of deliver till I experience it on my due date. Please let it be a smooth delivery so I can avoid using epidural! And I wanna thanks this man over here for sacrificing and putting in so much efforts so I wouldn't feel unbalance in my heart like I'm the only one having to suffer throughout my whole pregnancy.....

Thanks for working so hard and giving me all your time, placing me at your first priority, keeping me secure at all times. Thanks for being super caring towards me, giving me your full attention and making sure I can sleep in ease every night without feeling slightly discomfort. Thanks for your understanding, patience and this genuine love. You are a wonderful lover, husband and father to be! I love you.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The BIG Day

I guess I'm not the only one......most bride-to-be will not sleep much on the night before their big day right? Same goes to the sisters, brothers and family members. What a buzz!
 I have to admit, I really dislike it when you need to wake up early in the morning and put on make up on your face. I can remember how much I hated to sing for morning events whereby I need to drag my lazy ass off the bed and was hoping to wear my pajamas up on stage.
Power cheer to kick start the morning gate crash;
Seriously, you guys should count yourself lucky because early morning got chio bu for you all to see, all my sisters are beauties ok!
And I really think my sisters treat the brothers too kindly. They even had MAC MUFFINS for gate crash breakfast.

See, wasn't that bad right? They seems pretty much enjoying the food and drinks...

Not till they taste the LEGEND BAK KU TEH, mix with raisins and more secret recipe. This was the forfeit if they cheat during the games or didn't manage to pass the challenge. HO EH! *Thumbs up*  
I like this game! Where they have to burst the balloon using their body parts without using their hands and feet. And if I'm not wrong I think they did put my house key inside one of the balloons.

Ang Bao rejected....... LOL.
And speaking about the Love Contract, I must say baby is smart enough not to read out some words and my girlfriends actually stop him and force him to read out everything.

That's my mother in law in pink! She's a great cook and yes we are trying out the Tang Yuan made by her....

Us, Parents In Law and Grandparents In Law...
The awesome peeps that woke up early in the morning just for our big day even though they are a group of night owls.

During the night at M Hotel.
Our solemnization
Baby was so nervous that he actually took his ring to wear on my finger. It was super funny and kinda awkward at the same time. While knowing that we took the wrong ring during the ring exchange, we actually pretend to be fine but we realize we cant pull it thru because my ring size will not be able to fit into Bi finger. HAH!
To add on, we actually received a free instant photo booth service from signing package with French Wedding. We were really happy and excited about it but I have to say its really disappointing and BAD experience with service from "PICTURE ME". I understand that this service is free but if you wanna give service like that just because you didn't charge us a single cents then I rather not have this service at all. And PICTURE ME should really reflect on it because this is the reason why your business is doing so badly.
That's bestie Andy with my pretty mommy.

Andy has always been a great emcee and he did not disappoint me at all for hosting my wedding dinner. Knowing that I got no programs line up during the break, he actually invited our family members and friends up on stage to make a speech. It was really heart warming and hilarious and there was not a second of cold silence from the crowd.
I was really touched by my sisters speech and I could hardly control my tears, awww.

And the dramatic girlfriends of mine pull it off with a short speech because they don't wanna add on the EMO ambience. Hah.
And the "DIE DIE WONT BETRAY YOU" brothers....
It was raining in the afternoon so I didn't get to throw my bouquet of flowers and I ended up throwing it in the hotel after my wedding dinner.
And yea, Daddy got it. So you better play safe from now. LOL.

Thank you to my family, relatives and friends for joining us in celebrating of our special day. Because of you guys, this day is even more special and memorable..........